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Through Self Improvement You Can Lead An Extraordinary Life 

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Meet Mike Kane

Mike's present path as a PSYCH-K®  facilitator has lead him to establish Transformational Partnerships to introduce PSYCH-K® to others who are on a journey of self improvement, health and wellness.  PSYCH-K®  integrates well with all modalities of long life and good health, supporting areas that otherwise might be seen as failures.  Mike would like to lead you to your own decisions which help balance the Stress Response in your life, release symptoms that manifest as Allergies and overcome phobias that limit your enjoyment of life!
Using PSYCH-K® to achieve balance in your beliefs with those of focus, well being and good health that we call leading an Extraordinary Life.

Recent research indicates that to achieve optimal brain function, both hemispheres of your brain must be engaged and in agreement.   Findings of this research indicate that the highest levels of brain function occur when both hemispheres of the brain are engaged simultaneously.  This is referred to as the Whole-Brain State. 

From a neuroscience perspective, this is a bilateral, symmetrical brain wave pattern.  From a personal or business point of view, being in a whole brain state simply means higher functionality and greater performance!  Contact Us

PSYCH-K® is about self-discovery…change… and success. 

Our Beliefs Establish the Limits of What We Can Achieve!

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Join me, Mike Kane, for a journey of self improvement in all areas of your life with Transformational Partnerships. I help you facilitate changes that you choose to make in yourself through muscle testing plus intuitive direct questioning which is a proven process that can dramatically increase your personal and professional effectiveness. This unique blend of tools draws on years of research in neuroscience, along with utilizing the basic principles of mind/body/spirit integration. PSYCH-K® is an effective and easy way to alter self-defeating habits and negative behaviors by your choosing to eliminate these beliefs that drive these habits. To put this another way, PSYCH-K® is a user-friendly way to "rewrite the software of your mind" in order to alter the printout of your performance!

Transformational Partnerships is dedicated to making the health and wellness benefits of PSYCH-K® available and affordable to everyone. Call for an appointment today:804-241-3412.

I welcomes your honest curiosity and questions on 1:1 coaching. I offer courses, and workshops that will shed light on interpreting and incorporating the practice of PSYCH-K® with all other aspects of your life. Call me today at 804-241-3412 or email me :

mike kane - owner
PSYCH-K® Facilitator

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